Mathews Engage Side Plates


As you, many other people wich own a Mathews are not comfortable with the Engage grip, don’t have enogh draw length and they don’t want to buy new draw length modules, or they just enjoy experimenting with their bow, this product is for all those people.

These are the side plates for all Mathews bows which have the Engage grip, take off the grip and try them, you’ll love it.

Without glue, resin, double sticky tape…! Just intall them in their position thanks to their buttons that fit perfectly in the riser holes, so easy!

Compatible with:

  • TRX 40
  • TRX 38 (2019)
  • TRX 36
  • Traverse
  • TX-5
  • VXR
  • Vertix

Notethese sideplates will not fit any model produced before 2019 or any other bow brand. If you’d like to have variety of colors do not doubt in telling us in your order notes.

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How to install the side plates

These side plates do not come with double sticky tape or any other kind of adhesive, they will fit perfectly and tight in the bow.

First of all you have to take off the original grip, this comes glued with resin and comes off very easily just by pulling from the bottom. Once the grip is out you’ll have remove all the excess of resin before installing the side plates. Now, just put the side plates in their position and push, they’ll fit tight in the bow.


How to take off the side plates

Para retirar las cachas es muy importante tener en cuenta de que es un producto frágil y que se puede romper muy fácilmente, por eso lo más recomendable es retirarlas poco a poco y sin forzarlas demasiado. Es preferibleble hacerlo desde abajo, y si se dispone de una pequeña espátula o destornillador plano usarlo con cuidado, así poco a poco las cachas irán saliendo sin ningún tipo de problema.


Draw length

These sideplates will increase your draw length in 3/16 aproximately.

Additional information

Additional information


Left Handed, Right Handed


Rojo, Naranja, Amarillo, Verde, Turquesa, Azul, Azul Oscuro, Coral, Morado, Blanco, Gris, Negro

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