2018 Mathews Grip


Without any doubt, our biggest project ever was making bow grips, with these Mathews 2018 (and before) grip we open a new stage. We have achieved a perfect fit without the use of any adhesive or double face tape. Furthermore, our grips count with an innovative modular N52 magnets system which allows to change your grip angle in less than 5 seconds.

Notethis grip will not fit in both, TRG and Conquest bows.

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How to install the grip

This grip does not come with double sticky tape or any other kind of adhesive, the grip will fit perfectly and tight in the bow.

First of all you have to take off the original grip, this comes glued with resin and comes off very easily just by pulling from the bottom. Once the grip is out you’ll have remove all the excess of resin before installing the grip. Now, just slide our grip and push, it’ll fit tight in the bow.

What if my grip is a bit lose?

The grip should fit tight, we designed this grip to avoid using adhesives. Depending on the color of your Mathews bow paint thickness may vary subtly, and that’s what the problen can come from. We still disadvise the use of any type of adhesive, so in this cases we recommend the use of paper tape, you put one layer on the bow and then you try, keep doing this process until you have the desire result, as easy as that and without using double sticky tape.


Draw length

In order to include the modular magnet system, we have had to make the grip a little wider than the original, which implies that your draw length will be reduced by approximately 3/16. If this is a problem for you, please contact us to request information and we can adjust the handle to your needs.

Additional information

Additional information


Left Handed, Right Handed


0º, 5º, 10º, 15º, Ángulo personalizado (indicar en las notas del pedido)


Rojo, Naranja, Amarillo, Verde, Turquesa, Azul, Azul Oscuro, Coral, Morado, Blanco, Gris, Negro

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